Young Adults Celebrate Christmas Season at Saint Mary

The Saint Mary Mokena Church hall was full of jolliness and cheer on Friday as local Catholic young adults celebrated their second annual Christmas party.

Attendees from as far away as Indiana were at the event, which featured food, music, a gift exchange and a “Christmas Clothing Contest.”

Mokena Young Adult Christmas Party
One can almost taste the Christmas season by looking at this table full of treats at the Saint Mary Young Adult Christmas Party.

The highlight of the evening was a Christmas gift exchange. Each person drew a number and picked a gift to open from under the tree, in that order. The trick is that the next person could either open a new gift or take someone else’s gift! It made for a wild game, but no one left empty-handed.

Saint Mary Mokena Young Adult Gift Exchange
Some of the gifts at the Saint Mary Young Adult Christmas party. Everything from a complicated puzzle box to a wine set was up for grabs.

Of course, the evening wasn’t complete without the Christmas Clothing contest. Ugly Christmas sweaters were the norm as everyone competed for the votes of their peers.

Saint Mary Mokena Young Adult Christmas Party
An attendee models one of the more “unique” Christmas sweaters on display at the party. Yes, it lit up.

Hosted by Saint Mary Young Adult Ministry (SMYAM), this event, and others like it, are meant to bring Catholics in their twenties and thirties together, who otherwise might not have occasion to meet each other.

By holding a variety of events–from spiritual, to more social ones like the Christmas party–SMYAM aims to strengthen young adults’ Catholic faith and make it a focal point for them as they lay the foundations for their future lives.

Catholic Young Adults
The most important part of the Christmas party was the fellowship the Catholic young adults enjoyed.

If you are in your twenties and thirties, or know someone who is, and want to learn about upcoming young adult events hosted by Saint Mary Mokena, please visit

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