Children Make First Holy Communion at Saint Mary Mokena

Second and third graders are making their First Holy Communion at Saint Mary Mokena. This year, 249 children will have received the Body and Blood of Christ for the first time, over a three week period.

Saint Mary Mokena First Holy Communion

Five First Communion Masses are being held this year as St. Mary transitions the Sacrament from third grade to second grade, which is in line with most parishes in the Joliet Diocese. “We feel it is very important for our children to receive the gift and blessing of Jesus in the Eucharist as soon as possible to obtain the sacramental graces and union with Our Lord and Savior,” explains Nicole Brochmann, Director of Religious Education for Grades K-6 at St. Mary.

To prepare for the Sacrament, children partook in several faith-forming and spiritual activities. These included attending the Breaking of the Bread retreat in March, which consisted of a Church Tour with St. Mary seminarian Greg Alberts and a live reenactment of the Last Supper. They also completed First Communion workbooks with their parents at home and received hand-made Rosaries from the eighth graders.

Saint Mary Mokena First Communion 2018

“There are many things that parents give to their children, but handing on the faith and preparing them to receive their First Eucharist is the greatest of these,” says Brochmann.  “For in the Eucharist, Christ gives us the greatest gift of all, His very self to nourish us and keep us close to Him all the days of our lives because He loves us so very much.”

Father Dindo Billote, pastor of St. Mary, echoes this belief: “The Eucharist is True Food for our Soul!!  A food that feeds us with limitless Grace!!  It’s Jesus!!”

Visit the St. Mary Mokena website for more information on the Eucharist.

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