Defending the Faith: St. Mary To Present on Controversial Catholic Topics

St. Mary Mokena is offering a free series of talks on defending the Catholic faith each Wednesday this June.

Each session will address a different controversial topic that Catholics often encounter in the wider secular world, be it at work, school, or with friends and family.

“Many Catholics struggle to effectively address anti-Catholic arguments from the culture on topics like abortion and the existence of God,” says Melissa Novak, Director of Faith Formation at St. Mary Mokena. “This speaker series is designed to help them understand their faith better and teach them how to respond to critics and skeptics, even those among their friends and family.”

Each session will take place on a Wednesday in June starting at 7:00 pm and lasting until 8:30 pm. The schedule is as follows:

  • June 5: Responding with Logic to Pro-Choice Statements & What the Church Teaches on Abortion by Melissa Novak
  • June 12th: Two common Myths that Christians believe about Catholics and How to Respond: Praying to the Saints & Faith Without Works by Deacon John Rex
  • June 19th: Is Jesus God or Prophet & Answering Atheism by Deacon John Rex
  • June 26th: How Catholics Use and Understand Scripture Kevin O’Donnell

The speakers each have a background in theology or pastoral studies. Deacon Rex was ordained in 2005 and has been at St. Mary since the summer of 2018.

Registration for the series is encouraged in order to provide enough learning materials for all attendees, but not required.

To RSVP, please contact Melissa Novak at (708) 326-9313 or

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