21 Faith-Based Activities for Kids to Do at Home

Jesus with childrenWith much of the country stuck at home during the Coronavirus outbreak, this is a wonderful opportunity to pray more, learn more about Jesus, and practice our faith in new and creative ways.

Here’s a list of 21 faith-based activities for a variety of ages.

  1. Make a list of things you are thankful for or cut out pictures and words from magazines to make a gratitude board.
  2. Watch a kid/teen-friendly cartoon/program on FORMED. To create a free account go to stmarymokena.formed.org. For kids with shorter attention spans, try ”Stories of the Bible” by Saddleback Kids on Youtube. They offer engaging three- to six-minute Bible stories.
  3. Write letters of affirmation to family members. Let them know how they have made a positive impact on your life, and how they have set a good example of living our faith.
    *Have younger kids draw a picture to send to family members, or if you have old postcards from vacations that you never used, have them draw a little picture and send those out.
  4. Act out scenes from the Bible. Get creative with props! Since we are in the season of Lent, think Last Supper, the Passion, etc. You can even use FaceTime or Skype family and friends to share the skit!
  5. Learn about new saints. Kids could present on their favorite new saint to the family.
  6. Learn a traditional prayer like the “Our Father” or “Hail Mary” in sign language or in a foreign language.
  7. Pick a secular song and change the lyrics to reflect our faith, then have a concert to present your songs!
  8. Go for a walk and be more aware of the beautiful creation that surrounds you. Notice the warmth of the sun, the sounds of the animals, and thank God for everything. If you can’t go outside, use the internet to search for sunsets, mountains, deserts, etc. Marvel at the beautiful geography of our planet that God entrusted to our care!
  9. Learn some new Christian songs. Checkout Lifetree Kids on YouTube or your local Christian radio station.
  10. Conduct a liturgical prayer service. Kids of all ages could participate in various parts, especially by choosing the song. The format is (1) Sing an Opening song (2) Recite the Confiteor prayer (3)Study the Readings of the day (4) Reflect on the Gospel (5) Recite the Creed (6) Offer up Petitions (7) Recite the Our Father (8)Recite the Prayer of Spiritual Communion, (9) Sing a Closing song.
  11. Make a prayer table in your home. Decorate it with your favorite picture/statue of Jesus, Mary, or the saints. If you don’t have a cross, you can make a mosaic one with colored tissue paper and glue, beads, or simply use construction paper and color!
  12. Make you own version of the game Hedbanz using Bible characters and saints.
  13. Make colorful cross ornaments (use for Christmas or to hang in rooms all year round) using a home made play-dough recipe. Don’t forget to poke a hole in the dough before it dries! Use different tools like plastic utensils or tooth pics to create fun designs.
  14. Go through your house and put together bags of items to donate to your local thrift store. Try to donate to places that benefit the community, for example, St. Vincent Depaul Thrift stores.
  15. Write a letter (or email) to your teacher, priest, or classmates. Include a note that you are praying for them!
  16. Pray a family Rosary, even if it’s only one decade, or the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. If your younger kids have a hard time participating, have them line up Cheerios, chocolate chips, or marshmallows in the shape of the Rosary and eat one after each prayer to help them stay focused.
  17. Build a Bible scene out of Legos. For inspiration, click here.
  18. Print free coloring pages on the saints or Bible stories. Find them here!
  19. Make a family prayer board, and write all the people and intentions you’re praying for right now. Keep up through Lent as a visual reminder to prayer.
  20. Play charades with different people/stories from the Bible or about saints. Have your kids create a list of names to put in a bucket to draw from.
  21. Listen to the “Catholic Sprouts” podcast. They offer short podcasts geared towards children that teach about a variety of faith-based topics.

Have more suggestions? We would love to hear your ideas in the comments!

Written by Melissa Novak, including contributions from Danielle Kuboushek and Katie Wade

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