St. Mary Mokena Seeks R.E. Catechists

Many types of people volunteer to be religious catechists.

Maybe you’re a teacher not currently working in the field but still interested in offering your skills toward a worthwhile cause. Perhaps you’re retired but looking for ways to keep busy and make a difference. Or, maybe you recently graduated and are seeking some experience amidst a struggling economy.

No matter your situation, if you feel called to teach children the Roman Catholic faith, St. Mary Mokena is looking for you. Currently, the parish is short 8 catechists, which means 80 students have no teacher. By volunteering, you can help these children grow in their faith and grow closer to Jesus yourself.

Please take a moment to listen to a few words from our Jr. High Religious Education Director, and hear a couple returning catechists share their experience.

Volunteer Here

free tuition

An added benefit to all catechists is free tuition for close family members! That means that if you become a catechist, your children, grandchildren, nieces, or nephews can attend our R.E. program for FREE. If you become a catechist assistant, family members get half off tuition.


The Covid-19 pandemic has transformed our entire way of life. As anyone with a school-aged child knows, this includes education.

Rest assured, St. Mary Religious Education has taken every step necessary to keep its catechists and students safe this year.

Some of our precautions include:

  • Socially distanced desks, hallways, outdoor pickups, etc.
  • Mandatory face masks
  • Required temperature checks
  • Staggered arrivals/dismissals
  • Hand sanitizer stations

For a full list of our Covid-19 procedures, as well as additional information on the religious education program, please visit the St. Mary R.E. Page. 

Visit the St. Mary R.E. Page

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