Parish Hall Renovation in Full Swing

The renovation of the St. Mary Parish Hall has been underway since the summer. Now, demolition is complete, and the leadership team is pricing out the floors.

Included in the renovations are remodeled bathrooms, an updated kitchen, and several room partitions to create private meeting spaces for the many ministries and organizations that are active in the parish.

St. Mary Mokena Parish Hall Renovation
An artistic rendering of how the updated St. Mary Hall will look once renovations are complete. Partitions will allow separated areas for simultaneous meetings.

The Parish Hall is expected to be completely remodeled by the end of November, at which point meetings and events can start being held there.

St. Mary Mokena Parish Hall Demolition
The current state of the St. Mary Parish Hall. The old floors have been pulled up, along with the ceiling tiles.

The Parish Hall remodel is part of a much larger renovation that will eventually encompass the main church, including the altar. To date, St. Mary has raised $1,037,852.00 and needs to raise $962,148.00 more to reach its goal, according to Stephen Warunek, the parish business manager.

St. Mary Mokena Parish Hall Bathroom Demolition
The lower level bathrooms are part of the Parish Hall renovation project.

“We continue to ask our parishioners to please donate to our renovation project if they are able,” said Father Dindo Billote, pastor of St. Mary. “Every little bit will help us achieve our goal of having a beautiful worship space!”

Stay tuned to The Mokena Marian and the St. Mary Mokena website for future updates on the renovation projects.

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