How to Help Your Child Return to the Church

Do you have family members or close friends who are away from the Church? Do you wish you knew what to say or how to approach inviting them back? St. Mary Mokena is hosting a series this fall to better equip you for these conversations!

The numbers of young people leaving the Church and referring to themselves as “nones,” or with no affiliation to any religion, are startling. A Pew Research Study found that half of young Americans who were raised Catholic no longer identify as Catholic today. Many parents find themselves feeling helpless, grieving their child’s exit from the faith. We don’t need to close the door on encouraging our loved ones to be open to the Catholic Church and the wisdom of her teachings, though, because help is coming to St. Mary this fall.

After reading the book Return: How to Draw Your Child Back to the Church by Brandon Vogt, a group of fellow St. Mary parishioners knew they needed to share what they learned with others. This book lays out a plan and provides simple strategies you can put into action right now. Regarding the information in his book and how it can help with conversion, Vogt says, “Hopelessness is not a word in God’s vocabulary. As long as your child still has breath, there is always hope. God loves your child even more than you do. As much as you yearn for your child to come home, God desires his return infinitely more and is continually working to make that happen, even when things appear dire. So trust God, beg him to keep moving in your child’s life, and be confident that he will bring your child home.”

The team at St. Mary’s began meeting regularly since the spring and have put together a dynamic series about how to draw your child (or family member…or significant other…) back to the Catholic Church. “We are laity and common sinners, but care enough to try in our best effort to turn the tide,” says Bob Prskalo, one of the presenters for the upcoming Return series. The team’s goal is to provide information, encouragement, and support for anyone who has someone they love away from the Catholic Church.

All are invited to this series of four presentations beginning on Thursday, September 30 from 7:00-8:30 pm in the Church Hall, door #1 at St. Mary Mokena. The series will continue weekly, on Thursday, October 7, Thursday, October 14, and Tuesday, October 19. Registration for Return is open and can be found at the below link.

>> Register for Return

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