St. Mary Cantor Spotlight: Kathleen Monson

By Diane Perry

The “Our Father” can be recited in many churches of different faiths as well as in many diverse languages. However, hearing the prayer sung by an inspiring singer can really impact someone’s belief, bringing tears to the eyes.

Kathleen Monson, Soprano Singer

Kathleen Monson, cantor from the St. Mary Church choir, has sung the “Our Father” as well as other beautiful songs in a soprano tone for almost two years at the parish. Her songs are faith-inspiring, encouraging one to seek the heavenly, beautiful tones of our Lord. One of her favorite songs is, “The King of Love, My Shepherd Is.”

She said, “St. Mary has made me feel so welcome. It is a great parish, and the people are super welcoming.” Although she sings at many different churches in the southern and western suburbs of Chicago, she is committed to St. Mary parish as a solo cantor. 

She adds that St. Mary has so many ministries and activities to offer young families as well as older adults. The ministries include the Knights of Columbus, the Council of Catholic Women, the Youth Ministry for children and teens, and more. It should be added that the new Sacred Music Director is relaunching the parish choirs, which Kathleen will be involved with.

Kathleen started singing when she was five years old growing up in Wyoming. Her first recital was a Christmas concert in which she sang “Toyland” and “I Like You Like You Are.”  During her high school years, she started voice lessons at sixteen and participated in many competitions. Attending the University of Montana, she graduated with her Bachelor of Arts degree in Music before continuing with her Master’s degree at the Manhattan School of Music for two years.

Despite her busy schedule as a performer, she is inspired to continue her talents with St. Mary Church singing as a soloist or part of a group.  Look for her during the upcoming Christmas season.

Learn more about Kathleen on her official website:

You can also find her on YouTube at:

2 thoughts on “St. Mary Cantor Spotlight: Kathleen Monson

  1. Thanks for the info. I was wondering how she came to be at St. Mary. Beautiful soprano voice. I am looking forward to a renewal of the adult choir. Dave and I were members for more than 20 years. Unfortunately, Dave’s condition and my caretaking will not allow us to rejoin. However, we are looking forward to hearing them on the livestream of Mass. God is good, all the time.


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