St. Mary to Enthrone Mary Immaculate Queen

St. Mary Mokena will celebrate an Enthronement Mass for Mary Immaculate Queen of the Universe on Sunday, September 11th at 11:00 AM.

The title Mary Immaculate Queen is a special way to honor Mary as our heavenly queen. This specific devotion was begun by a small group of priests, religious, and lay people in France during the 1940s after Pope Pius XII had called for Catholics everywhere to honor Mary as queen.

Mary Immaculate Queen Prayer

The devotion quickly took off across the globe and became particularly popular in Ireland. From there, followers brought it to the United States during the 1970s, and it has been growing here ever since.

The special Mass is meant to introduce St. Mary parishioners to this devotion and encourage them to bring it into their homes.

When enthroning a home, the individual will prepare a home altar for a statue or picture of the Blessed Virgin Mary with flowers and candles. Then, a group of devotees comes to conduct a prayer service to officially enthrone and bless Mary Immaculate Queen in the home. After the enthronement, the individual commits to praying a special morning and evening prayer meant to reaffirm his or her commitment to honoring Mary Immaculate Queen and asking for her intercession.

Prior to the enthronement Mass, St. Mary is offering a virtual Novena to Mary Immaculate Queen of the Universe on YouTube. For each of nine days leading up to the enthronement Mass, a different witness with share their Mary Immaculate Queen miracle story and how she continues to touch their lives. Viewers are encouraged to pray the Mary Immaculate Queen prayer on each day.

You can tune into the Mary Immaculate Queen of the Universe Novena on this playlist.

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