St. Mary Honors Blessed Mother with May Crowning & Procession

St. Mary religious education (R.E.) students participated in a May Crowning and procession on Sunday, May 7th during and after the 11 A.M. Mass. Claire McCarthy had the honor of crowning the statue of our Blessed Mother with a crown of flowers designed by parishioner Maria Scaramella. Claire and her peers had just received their First Holy Communion the day before.

St. Mary May Crowning Procession
Sacred Music Director Michael Berger leads the May Crowning Procession as the Knights of Columbus carry the statue of Our Lady.

Following the Mass, the St. Mary Knights of Columbus (KOC) carried a separate statue of the Blessed Mother in procession around the parish grounds. The weather was warm, sunny, and summerlike. Sacred Music Director Michael Berger led the procession with incense, followed by the KOC, Fr. Sam Conforti, several First Communicants, and a multitude of parishioners. The procession concluded in the chapel as all present recited the Glorious Mysteries of the Rosary.

May Crowning Procession
Fr. Sam Conforti and several First Communicants march in the May Crowning Procession.

Crowning Mary in May is a centuries-old tradition connected with the Blessed Mother’s queenship in heaven and the beauty of May. The month of May, which has been associated with life and fertility for thousands of years, is symbolically related to the Blessed Mother, who gave birth to Jesus. These connections are visible during the May crowning both in the crown of flowers and in the May flowers First Communicants laid at the feet of the Mary statue.

St. Mary May Crowning
First Communicants lay flowers at the feet of the statue of Our Lady after the Marian procession.

“May is the month in which we honor Mary,” says Tami Brongiel, Director of Religious Education at St. Mary Mokena. “One way to traditionally honor her is to crown her with beautiful spring flowers, as a sign of our love and affection for her.” The crown of flowers included Lily of the Valley to represent Our Lady’s tears. According to an old legend, as Mary cried at the foot of the cross, her tears fell and transformed into Lily of the Valley flowers.

Fr. Sam Conforti
Fr. Sam Conforti presided over the May Crowning, Mass, and procession.

Thank you to everyone who helped organize and participated in this beautiful May crowning, particularly the St. Mary Religious Education Department, First Communicants, and parents.

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