St. Mary to Spread Christmas Spirit with Special Concert

St. Mary Mokena will host a public Christmas concert on Friday, December 17th featuring voice, piano, and string quartet performances. Performing will be St. Mary Soprano Kathleen Monson, together with pianist Riko Riguma.

“We are so excited to be having this concert!” says Monson. “This year, we thought it would be great to have voice, piano and string quartet.” Among the many Christmas songs featured will be “O Holy Night,” “The Nutcracker Suite,” and “O Magnum Mysterium.”

In addition to listening, the audience will have the opportunity to participate in the singing. “There will be hymns for audience participation as well as solo music for entertainment,” says Monson. “We thought this concert would be unique, making it more of an experience for the audience as well as participation!”

Monson, who is a regular cantor at St. Mary Masses, is excited to branch out. “I am absolutely elated to perform; it’s so fun to show people I can sing more than church hymns!” she says. “I am also excited to bring other musicians into performing and hope it leads to more concerts and more involvement with other musical parishioners in the future.”

Doors to the concert will open at 7:00 pm. All are welcome.

About Kathleen Monson

Kathleen Monson is an accomplished soprano who has performed across the country, including having toured in New York, North Carolina and Illinois with her well known ensemble “Canto Zenzero, The Singing Gingers”. Visit her website for more information.

About Riko Riguma

Riko Riguma is a piano collaborator and chamber musician who has performed throughout the United States, Canada, South America, Europe, Russia and Japan. She was a top-prize winner at the Jacob Flier International Piano Competition and the Santa Fe International Piano Competition. More information about Riko can be found on her website.

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